Your digital transformation through BIM and the digital twin

NUCE Consulting is your partner for your digital transformation. Our team of experts supports your strategic and operational implementation of building information modeling (BIM) and the digital twin.

  • BIM – more control
    We live building information modeling as the revolutionary process method for the collaboration of all participants based on the virtual construction.

  • Quality – more control
    Our innovative digitization concepts unfold into a holistic life cycle approach and are complemented by our expert partners.

  • Documentation – more transparency
    Our array of streamlined digital processes, templates and workflows enables us as external consultants to review and support the qualities, virtual models and information of your building.

The whole construction and real estate industry will be revolutionized through the digitalisation. We partner with you on this journey.

The digital twin: working together
BIM Guides, AIA, BAP and Quality Assurance Evaluation Cycles with NUCE Consulting


Phase 0: Bringing all goals, resources and capabilities together before starting the project, and deriving standards, workflows and process modeling from it – this is our strategic and operational foundation for the next steps.

We develop BIM Guides, Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR), BIM Execution Plans (BEP) and Quality Assurance Evaluation Cycles.

  • Structured, compact and simple.

Phase controlling: The active monitoring, control and documentation of processes and qualities. Defined milestones and virtual simulations of the planning phase ensure the achievement of our common goals.

We use state-of-the-art technologies for model checking of the BIM models for collisions, informational qualities, simulations of variants and causal relationships.

  • Collaborative, proactive and transparent.

BIM 2 field and monitoring
Practical, innovative and results-oriented in the phase monitoring


Phase BIM 2 field: Our digital concept of merging the model simulations from the planning phase directly to the construction site opens up new dimensions for controlling.

Tried-and-tested innovative solutions enable target / current status comparisons of the daily developments of the construction site. With that, we directly support the construction management on-site.

  • Practical, innovative and results-oriented.

Phase monitoring: The linking of the digital construction site allows variants to be monitored through sensors, evaluations, building scannings, innovative task management and simulations in digital lean construction. These processes make it possible to counteract conflicting situations at an early stage.

Your processes and status of the buildings are digitally documented and provided with legal certainty.

  • Holistic, efficient and solution-oriented.

The Phase Handover is the basis of the Digital Twin with NUCE Consulting


Phase handover: The consistent documentation and history of all phases is seamlessly transferred to the operation of the building. Machine-readable interfaces based on international standards enable all authorized parties to evaluate and continue the information of the BIM model.

Our handover constitutes the foundation of the Digital Twin. This generates automated building conditions and enables “Digital Predictable Maintenance”.

  • Smart, digital and agile.

Output: Digital Twin
Your Digital Twin provides benefits throughout the entire building lifecycle

Digital Twin

Output: Our result is the Digital Twin. Based on the BIM methodology, the 3D models are merged and automated with sensors, building scans and documents – of course, web-based and machine-readable.

The Digital Twin becomes the digital mirror image of the real structure. As a digital entity, its life cycle extends far beyond that of the building. The constant target/current status comparison between the digital entity and the real structure enables an overview of the entire life cycle. Through this, additional opportunities emerge during ongoing operations in the coming decades.

Constant access to a wide range of information from planning and construction simplifies existing processes. Analyses and evaluations from real-time sensor data enable predictions and simulations. Renovations, maintenance and conversions are based on the entire history of the building. The asset management, the operative FM area, the due diligence of building assessments and the digital monitoring of technical building services are further examples of the vast possibilities.

Digital Twin: Benefits throughout the entire building lifecycle.

  • Consistent documentation: The seamless, legally secure storage of all relevant events and information ensures the quality of the building.
  • Sustainable history: The availability of information from all phases of the building simplifies management.

  • Data-based simulation methods: The generated numbers, data and facts are used for simulations or for direct comparisons. This enables automated suggestions of requirements.

  • NUCE Consulting output: Digital Twin for the entire building lifecycle.

What is your delta?
NUCE Consultingsupports your delta - your capital for successful digital transformation.

What is your delta?

BIM-fähige 3D-Modelle und Informationen in Verbindung mit der Agilität des webbasierten Digitalen Zwilling. Das ist die Grundlage für die Generierung Ihrer Projektdaten. Alle unsere Leistungen laufen auf den Abschlussbericht zu den Potenzialen Ihres Deltas zusammen. Unsere Resultate, Evaluationen und Analysen während der Begleitung aller Phasen der kompletten Informationen ermöglicht eine auf Zahlen, Daten und Fakten basierende Feststellung dieses Deltas.

Phases to the digital twin

Die resultierende Transparenz führt zu Einsparungs- und Optimierungsmöglichkeiten Ihrer Bauwerke und dem laufenden Betrieb. Unser gesamtheitliches Datenmodell des Digitalen Zwilling befähigt die konstante Überprüfung Ihres positiven Alpha.

NUCE Consulting arbeitet in enger Kooperation mit “state-of-the-art”-Technologieherstellern sowie praxiserfahrenen Experten und Partnern zusammen.

NUCE Consulting Digital Twin data model: checking your positive alpha

Your delta is your capital to successful digital transformation.


Milos Mikasinovic, Dipl.-Ing.
Milos Mikasinovic, Dipl.-Ing.BIM Expert

Direkte digitale Mehrwerte gemeinsam erschaffen ist unser Ziel. Die Chancen und Risiken der Projekte unserer Kunden zu erkennen ist unsere Aufgabe.

Ihr Delta in eine Effizienzsteigerung zu transformieren ist unsere Mission. Unserer Überzeugung nach resultiert erfolgreiche Digitalisierung in Vereinfachung, Nachhaltigkeit und Transparenz zu Ihrem Benefit.

Das Expertenteam von NUCE Consulting begleitet Ihre digitale Transformation bei der strategischen und operativen Implementierung von Building Information Modeling (BIM) und dem Digitalen Zwilling.

Verena Gedler, B.Eng
Verena Gedler, B.EngBIM Consultant
Wendelin Hartmann, Ing.
Wendelin Hartmann, Ing.BIM-Model-Checking
David Schneider, Dipl.-Soz.
David Schneider, Dipl.-Soz.Quality Management
Alexander Hosmann, Dipl.-Ing.
Alexander Hosmann, Dipl.-Ing.Qualitätssicherung


Customer testimonials

“Nachhaltigkeit umzusetzen und heute Verantwortung zu übernehmen, wird durch die Digitalisierung im Bauwesen ermöglicht. Der Kreis Viersen ist aktiver Vorreiter bei den Themen BIM und Digitaler Zwilling in enger Kooperation mit dem Expertenteam der NUCE Consulting.”

Bruno Wesch, Abteilungsleiter Gebäudemanagement Kreis Viersen
“The NUCE Consulting GmbH is our reliable partner for strategic and operational BIM assignments within our professional Association BDB. We benefit from this competence of BIM Best-practice and digital twin.”
Theo Dahlheimer, Landesvorsitzender BDB Hamburg
“The NUCE Consulting GmbH digitalisation concepts are the foundation for our successful building scanning. The added value of the digital twin satisfy our customers’ needs and wishes for digital transformation.”
Thomas Godau, PLAN<sup>xD</sup> – Digital Mapping

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The experts of NUCE Consulting strategically and operationally partner with you on digital transformation through BIM and the Digital Twin



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