Digital twin activates the building – Bosch pilot project in Stuttgart, Germany

June 16, 2018: article from “BIM-Preview 2018”

Where are the chances for the efficiency increase?

Andreas Golob, Senior Manager Bosch PT & Milos Mikasinovic, CEO NUCE Consulting GmbH

The digital twin is the virtuel representation of a building and the groundwork for extended optimization potentials over the entire life cycle. Recognitions from the reality are transferred into the virtuel world, is digital validated and is played back as a optimized proposal. Depending on the phase of the project different types of systems and strategies can be used. It reaches from claim management tools to sensors in existing buildings, which is connected with the digital building model.

Where are the chances for the efficiency increase and how can they be realised in the best possible way?

The connection of new innovative technologies from Bosch Power Tools is tested with the innovative approach of the BIM methodic like the Digital Twin at a construction site in the area of Stuttgart. The ongoing project is a test field to evaluate the optimizing potential of 35% in the construction process. Missing decisions of the client, misunderstandings between the participants on the construction site, double works at construction documentation and missing information represent only a few of the targets. The intelligent connection of the task management, of lean construction, BIM, Digital Twin, logistics and sensors should generate tangible solutions for the immens efficiency increase. The focus is the management of tasks through a simple communication tool. Current instructions and the status report are anywhere available and are communicated to all the participants of the construction site in real time.

The spectrum of Bosch is regarded by Andreas Golob, Senior Manager at Bosch PT, and the topics of BIM and the Digital Twin are regarded by Milos Mikasinovic, NUCE Consulting GmbH and analysed through the “best-practice” approach.

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