NUCE Consulting is a research partner sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)

May & June 2020: Start of research projects “MoBiDiK” and “BIMProBE”

Start der Forschungsprojekte „MobiDik“ und „BIMProBE“

„MobiDik“, May 2020:

The NUCE Consulting is a research partner sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) three-year research project “MobiDik – Development of a Mobile and Digital Learning Factory for Craft 4.0”.

For the first time, the project will systematically bring the BIM working method to the construction site as a process-oriented tool. It will use advanced digital processes and tools for testing and training with the goal to make them available to all those involved in the project and in particular to the craftsmen in the construction area. In this future mobile digital learning factory, appropriately trained instructors and coaches will actively accompany the learning, design and acceptance process of the teams on-site .

As a specialist in the BIM methodology and the experience in the field of digital project management, NUCE Consulting is responsible for accompanying all BIM-related topics. The management of the interface development to a method and cross-system BIM technology platform is our focus. This development will be on the basis of the MobiDik process blueprint. The date centerpoint of the virtual building model will cover the entire value chain from planning to operating the building. The basis of this interface development and programming will be our own blockchain developments KISS-BIM (CDE) and BCF-Radar (Messenger).

The aim is to save gray energies (energy required for production, transport, storage, sale and disposal) and the recyclability of materials by increasing efficiency from the potential of the BIM-based working method.

Other partners in the project are the IGA mbH (represented by Prof. Dr.-Grube), Ifeu-Institut GmbH, mpool consulting GmbH and that RIF Institute for Research and Transfer eV . The unique selling point of the project is that with the District Craftsmen Association Dortmund and Lünen and the Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW, Dortmund branch, two cooperation partners have been won from the operational area, which will enable practical use on real projects and provide important impulses.

„BIMProBe“, July 2020:

Bayern Facility Management GmbH is leading the BIMProBe research project funded by the Bavarian state “Development of an exemplary process chain for digitizing an existing building” (file number: IUK637 / 001). The research will be carried out at an existing building in Munich with another cooperation partner.

This is the first research project of the in 2017 founded BIM2FM Collaboration Group,, which was launched under the initiative of BayernFM and the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. Further research partners and at the same time members of the BIM2FM Collaboration Group are Baro Pfannenstein GmbH, KARNER INGENIEURE GmbH, Loy & Hutz Solutions GmbH, MeteoViva GmbH, NUCE Consulting GmbH and pbb planning + project control GmbH.

As a specialist in operational BIM management and digital project controlling, NUCE Consulting is an associated partner for the topics of legal BIM (new roles, responsibilities and dependencies) and digital due diligence (digital technical, structural and building-specific analysis and evaluation) commissioned in the research project “BIMProBE”.

NUCE Consulting is strongly convinced that the course for digitalization for Germany and Europe will be established on the basis of practical research projects. We build on digital.