Steel Construction Calendar 2019: Digital Planning and Building

November 28, 2018: Publication in the Steel Construction Calendar 2019

M. Mikasinovic with digital planning and building in the Steel Construction Calendar 2019

Digital planning and construction is one of the central themes of the Steel Construction Calendar 2019!

The selection of various technical articles aims to increase the economic efficiency of steel structures. This publication makes ready-to-use knowledge available to the broad circle of experts through numerous examples. In the field of steel construction, three practical contributions determine precisely and exactly the potentials and benefits of digital design and construction.

The current status of the German steel construction regulations is commented and documented reliably in the steel construction calendar. Each issue of this publication serves as a guide for correct calculations and designs for the entire steel construction industry through new field of topics. Numerous fundamentals and practical tips are listed by outstanding authors from industry, engineering offices and research.

The subject of digital design and construction is described in this volume by Milos Mikasinovic (BIM-Expert and Managing Director of NUCE Consulting GmbH) and Jakob Przybylo, among others, and summarised through sound practical experience.

The digital transformation in the construction and real estate industry is now!