Lighthouse project “circular value creation”

NUCE Consulting supports Viersen district from 2019 onwards.

Digitale Informationen sind der Schlüssel zur zirkulären Wertschöpfung

Bruno Wesch, head of building management in the Viersen district, had obtained support for the project. Other leading BIM experts are also involved (Jakob Przybylo DTBAU and Prof. Michael May, HTW Berlin).

Bruno Wesch sees a well implemented implementation of the BIM method as the basis for how sustainable construction can be implemented in practice. The first step is the construction of the new district archive as a BIM pilot project. In the process, the data of all parties involved in the construction work are brought together in the communication portal of the BIM system. In the next part of the project, the experience gained from the pilot project will be incorporated directly into the construction of the new driving licence office and the special school.

“The aim will be to enable joint added value over the entire life cycle between people, technology and the environment through digital partnership cooperation,” notes Milos Mikasinovic (Managing Director of NUCE Consulting). Bruno Wesch sees BIM as a prerequisite for taking circular value creation into account. The idea of circular value creation sees buildings as raw material warehouses that are never completely depreciated. In this context, BIM allows continuous monitoring of the development of the building value.

The human being is at the center of the fields of health, air quality, working conditions, financial framework, materials, energy and water. Digital information is the key to achieving this circular value creation.

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